Our UK Corporate Programme connects exceptional Afro-Caribbean professionals to the most prestigious companies in the UK

We help UK companies accelerate their diversity and inclusion agenda in the context of attracting high flying BME professionals with outstanding academic credentials and career backgrounds. Our approach to selection is rigorous and we only accept the top echelon of candidates who apply to join the Programme.

How We Select

Academic Criteria

To be eligible for the programme, applicants need to achieve a minimum of 2:1 or equivalent at the Undergraduate level. We also welcome applicants with advanced degrees – Master’s, PhD’s and MBA’s.

  • 55%

Skills & Competencies

We conduct a rigorous assessment with prospective applicants, involving a competency based interview to evaluate soft and technical skills.

  • 14%

Professional Experience

We evaluate each candidate’s professional background, work experience and achievements to determine their fit for the programme.

  • 8%

Ultimately we accept less than 10% of talent who apply to join ourUK Corporate Programme


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