Connecting African Professionals to Career & Investment Opportunities.

Our Vision

MBTN aspires to create a world where outstanding African professionals get equal access to global career and investment opportunities.

We partner with companies across the world to help address the under representation of African professionals within their ranks by connecting them to members of our network. We have developed a meticulous approach to growing our network and only accept the top tier of professionals who apply to join. Find out more about how we select professionals to join our network here

Our investment partners work with us to bring some of the most exciting investment opportunities from across the world to our members. We vet each opportunity to ensure they meet international standards.


What We Do


Corporate Recruitment 

We help some of the top organisations across the world hire world-class professionals. We do this by building a long term relationship with our clients, understanding their strategic objectives, and helping them achieve this through through the best people in the world. Our extensive screening, interviewing and selection process allows us to choose the most competent candidates for our clients in every geography. 

Investment Marketing

Companies, projects and other stakeholders looking to raise money from high net-worth African professionals partner with us to reach this demographic. We help you communicate your investment products to our members using a number of channels which include face to face presentations at our monthly networking events, listing on our website and newsletter, and referrals for one-on-one meetings. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help.

The Team

Adabara Abdullahi

Adabara Abdullahi

Founder/ CEO

Adabara has an Investment Banking background. He was born in Nigeria and lived in Lagos until 2002, when he moved to London to further his studies. He graduated with a First Class Degree in Computing Science in 2007 and began his career as a banker in the same year. In 2012, Adabara founded mbtnglobal.com as a means to bridge the gap between Nigerians in the diaspora and their business and professional counterparts back home. He is passionate about the economic development of Nigeria and believes the diaspora has a key role to play in this. Outside of work and business, Adabara has an interest in sports, the arts and learning new cultures.

Rotimi Thomas

Rotimi Thomas

Director of Strategy

Rotimi Thomas completed his Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Environmental Management (MEM) at Duke University in 2013. He currently works for Siemens funding and co-developing power projects in Africa. Prior to that he worked as the Finance & Strategy Manager for Siemens US Microgrids Business and managed the development of a Performance Guarantee business model for an internal start up with Siemens Germany focusing on hybrid renewable energy power plants. Rotimi also worked in controlling with Siemens Germany’s global Energy Transmission business.

During his MBA/MEM, Rotimi worked as a Renewable Energy Consultant for Walt Disney, and as a Leadership Development Associate at Constellation Energy in Risk Management. Prior to his MBA, Rotimi worked as a Senior Investment Representative with the Wealth Management arm of Toronto Dominion Bank in Canada. Rotimi is also the Strategy Director for MoveBackToNigeria.com, a start-up focused on reversing Nigeria’s brain drain.

He enjoys music & documentary making, martial arts, basketball, soccer, dance choreography, and dedicating time to developing others.

Paula Nwankwo

Paula Nwankwo

Assistant Editor

Paula Ijeoma Nwankwo is a graduate of Economics and currently studying for a Masters of International Business Degree. She is an avid follower of developmental policies, particularly in Nigeria and Africa as a whole and a keen observer of current events as they unfold in our interesting, contemporary times. In her spare time, she loves to cook and also enjoys watering her taste buds with a variety of exotic meals from different cultures. She also appreciate the ever-changing lifestyle trends in Nigeria and the increase in the use of big data.

Oluwatosin Thomas

Oluwatosin Thomas

Associate Editor/ Events Coordinator

Oluwatosin has a Marketing background in the Aviation sector and officially joined the MBTN team in August 2015. She worked as a Business Developer and Marketing specialist with Turkish Airlines in Lagos, Nigeria. Prior to this, she worked in Business Development at 21st Century Technologies. Tosin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Covenant University, is passionate about customer relationship management, and is interested in creating a platform that promotes excellent customer service as a core component of Nigerian Businesses. She loves theme parks, dogs and events coordination.